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Prebook 100 Orange Fresh Cut Dendrobium Orchid Loose Bloom

Prebook 100 Orange Fresh Cut Dendrobium Orchid Loose Bloom

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Sunne Tropical - Orchid Club USA Fresh Cut Orchid Loose Bloom dendrobium orchid for food and drink garnish, food plate decoration. Perfect for your special event, birthday party, anniversary. Pack  for home and commercial uses; hotel, resorts and spa. Cocktail drink decorative for sport bar, wine bar, and restaurant food plate garnish 

  • Fresh cut flower orchid head loose bloom DIY your own flower LEI (lei 100 cm or 40inch use approx. 80 bloom per single lei and 120 blooms for double lei)
  • Fresh orchid loose bloom Tropical Orchid commercial cooler 45-59F, for home use fridge 40F (not freezer) will last many days. If no fridge, store in living room temp 69-72F one to 2-4 days before event date.
  • Fresh orchid perfect for DIY lei, wrist lei, Hawaiian lei, crown flowers
  • Fresh direct from orchid Grower weekly.
  • We take pride in our 7-Day Freshness Guarantee, ensuring that we use only the highest quality flowers, fresh direct from orchid nursery.
  • Do NOT freeze tropical flowers, orchid will suffer freeze burn.
  • Does not deliver on Saturday, Sunday, Monday. (Sat & Sun Subject to zoning)
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